The Honest Co: Bath Time Products Review

I mentioned in my unboxing post that we have purchased and used several items from The Honest Co., and that I’d provide reviews of what we have used and liked (or disliked). I’m breaking these up into different categories so I don’t leave you with one super long post!

So first, let’s start off with the bath products from The Honest Co. that we use on the little Es.


Honest Bubble Bath

This is hands down the one Honest Co. product that we go through the most of and love. Little E LOVES bubbles in her bath, and I have loved the sweet subtle scents of these bubble baths. These rate well on the Environmental Working Group’s website (at least the old formulation, which comes in at a 2). It doesn’t look like they have the newest formulations listed, but I looked up some of the differing ingredients, and they all look like they’re still a 2 or below. I think we’re on our third bottle of this, and always add this to one of our Honest Essentials Bundles.

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Creating Cloth Diaper Patterns

creating cloth diaper patterns from diapers you already own

When we had our second little E in November, we were hoping that our first E would be potty trained by the time her younger sister was out of the newborn diapers (our older E is currently just over two years old). Of course life never works out how you plan – especially when there are toddlers involved, so we moved onto Plan B: MORE DIAPERS. Buying more cloth diapers is still more economical in the long run than buying disposables for however many months it will be before bigger E is trained – even if we stocked up on our pricier favorite diapers. The problem is, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend another couple of hundred dollars to bulk up our stash.

Then it dawned on me: I can sew. And making your own is always much cheaper.

I never wanted to make our diapers in the first place (and I’m glad I didn’t) because I didn’t know what style we would like. It would have been painful to make a whole bunch and decide we didn’t like how they worked. But, now that we’ve been through it once, I’m perfectly okay with trying my hand at making some more.

So, if you’re curious, take a look at how you can make your own diaper patterns based off of a favorite diaper you own.

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The Honest Co: Unboxing

The Honest Co. seems to be one of those companies that a lot of the natural-leaning world has conflicting opinions of. Some claim they are greenwashing, while others tout their undying love and support to the company.

I fall somewhere in between the two. In the future I’ll do some in-depth reviews of products we’ve used, but for now, this is a basic unboxing of what we ordered. It’s our fourth box so far, and some products we’ve used before, and some are brand new to use.

I typically loathe subscription services because as a family of four, rarely can we actually go through enough products to make it worth receiving a box a month of anything. The thing I actually appreciate about The Honest Co. is being able to postpone the delivery for three months (a customer service representative told me you could do six months, but I’ve only ever been able to do three). I like this because I do like several of the products we’ve used and appreciate the cheaper (but not cheap, mind you) price of the bundle versus buying the products individually.

Anyways, for this month, this is what we ordered:


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Nighttime Face Routine: Blythe Market

I must admit that for awhile, my night time face routine was not so natural. I used Philosphy’s Purity for a LONG time (because I bought a GIGANTIC bottle). It did the job well enough, but I really wanted to switch to an all natural skin care routine. I knew I didn’t have the patience to do the oil cleansing method that is popular in a lot of natural groups; and bar soaps – even the fancy natural ones – never did what I wanted for my face.

Enter: Blythe Market

And their amazing Cleansing Grains and Facial Serum.


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How I Eased my Postpartum Weeks

(Don’t worry, in another post I’ll update you all on the SIGNIFICANT changes we had in 2015. As you might have guessed by this post, one of the biggest changes was adding another little member to our family!)

The postpartum period is ROUGH. Really rough. I think after our first daughter, I realized that the postpartum period is the worst “joke” that gets played on new moms – and the one that I had read the least about and was totally unprepared for the first time around.

However, (and thankfully) the second time around was so much easier on me. I healed a whole lot faster this time, but I also had added a few extra tools and tips to my arsenal that really helped me feel better.

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Scotch Naturals Swatches: Highland Fling

highlandfling2I really like Highland Fling, I really do. BUT, this was also my first Scotch Naturals color that I was initially really disappointed in. If you look at their stock photo, Highland Fling appears to be a sherbet-y light coral color. But, in reality, it is another addition in what I consider the Scotch Naturals reds.

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Scotch Naturals Swatches: Heather Blush

There’s a beautiful chaos of being a mother (and a stay at home one at that). I absolutely love seeing little E learn new things and discover her world. Seeing her face light up when she figures something out and then gives me the “hey, Mommy, look what I just did” look is seriously the best compensation for a job that I have ever received.

And really, it IS a job. A hard, breath-taking 24/7 job (especially when you have a peanut like ours that loathes sleep). I think I was a bit naive before we had little E about how taxing being a parent can be. You can read all the blog posts and articles and listen to everyone’s stories and anecdotes, but until you actually live and breathe taking care of a little one, there’s no way to know what a sacrifice it is to be a parent. (And I mean that in the absolutely best way possible.)

I’d give up everything for that little ray of sunshine.


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Order Seeds!

Can you believe it’s THAT time of year again? I just love scouring the seed catalog and picking out varieties of vegetables to plant, especially when you can plant awesome produce like this:



(Those are our rainbow carrots from a few years ago.)

We ordered our seeds from our favorite organic seed company again, Peaceful Valley. (They’re offering free shipping on 10+ seed packets now through the end of January.) I just love dumping these out on the table!



There’s so much hope and anticipation contained within each packet. I find that this time of year, that kind of hope helps spur us on through the rest of winter.

This year, the seeds are holding a new hope for C and I. We vowed to never plant again in the community garden, so we gambled and bought seeds in hopes of planting them in our very own yard this year!

Wish us luck as we start the adventure of trying to buy our first home! :)


Scotch Naturals Swatches: Seething Jealousy

It’s no surprise that I love Scotch Naturals nail polish, and it was only affirmed after I tried some of the currently popular nail “stickers” and couldn’t handle them. They just never lasted for me like they claimed they would.

My only gripe with Scotch Naturals has been a lack of good photos of their polishes. I have purchased (ahem, quite a few…) polishes and discovered that some of them aren’t at all what I expected. I do still love the colors, but some were different than what I was hoping for. This could easily have been solved with more images of their polishes actually on nails versus in the bottle, photographed in a studio.

So, if you’ve been in the same boat, or are just curious what the polishes actually look like worn, this little (erratic) “series” will be for you. I’ll post pictures when I have them, which probably won’t be as fast as some will hope, I’ve discovered in the past few years that through growing a baby and having a baby, blogging is just something that doesn’t fit in too well! (And, really, there’s not nearly enough time to spend painting nails ;))

So for today, I’ll leave you with pictures of Seething Jealousy. Scotch Naturals describes this color as a “passionate teal green creme.” (The passionate part makes me chuckle…). While I was searching for photos of it before I purchased it, I came across someone that described it as “emerald,” which I think is much more fitting.


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Garden Heartbreak, Change and a Little Bit of Hope

Guys, life is hard.

Glorious and wonderful and exciting and exhilarating.

And hard.

(And busy with little E, hence so few posts this year ;))

Life overall right now has dished us some lovely “blows” in the past month. None overwhelmingly hard in their own right, but compounded together, they feel nearly insurmountable.

So last night, when C brought me this picture after watering our gardening plot, I nearly cried.



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