Are you a Weird Greenie too?

This morning I plugged my nose and downed a glass of water with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Raw honey. Some people apparently down this stuff everyday, touting its health benefits, and since I haven’t been feeling well and my allergies are winning this week, I decided to try it out myself.

Which, this got me thinking, what other non-conventional, sideways glance-inducing things have we done in the name of going green and being healthier? And what things do we try and also do now that we’d never have done before? I’ll just list a few:

1. We buy farm fresh eggs.

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Better than Drugstore Antibiotic Ointment

Have you heard of Graham Gardens yet? No? Well you should. Right now. Because their products are SO AWESOME. They make all-natural skin care items that work way better than the drugstore alternatives. Seriously.

So far we’ve tried two of their products, but I’m definitely ready to buy out their whole shop! (If only I had the funds to do that….)

Our first product we tried was Creature Comfort.

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